What You Can Expect

Before your initial session, we need to know what you want to learn and your skill level. That will give us an idea of the amount of time you should schedule with us. But, you are never obligated to schedule any sessions in advance of the first visit. You may decide after each session to schedule another.

What We Expect

You must own a computer, either a PC or a laptop and have a Windows operating system installed. You should have a designated area for learning, with little or no distractions, that will accommodate two people comfortably. Payment is expected at each session.

Can I learn with another person?

We can teach a maximum of two people at one time. This insures each person gets the attention they need to learn and become confident using the PC. In this case, one computer must be shared for the sessions. We highly suggest both "students" have a similar skill level as well.

Laptop learning








Computer Instruction

Why Our Instruction is Unique

Computer teachingConcepts11 believes that learning computer skills in front of your own personal computer will go a long way in helping you comprehend what you learn. Taking a class in a room with other students, not getting the instructor's undivided attention and using a computer that most likely doesn't look like your own, only gives you half at best of what you wanted from the experience. Hands on with a personal instructor is a complete package. Your hands on your computer is an ideal learning situation. Our teaching sessions are designed to be simple, easy and informative. We want your learning experience to be comfortable and convenient. What better place to learn computing than in your home, in front of your own computer.

When and Where

We offer evening and weekend appointment opportunities to suit most busy schedules. Our rates are reasonable. Teaching sessions are in hour increments and begin once we arrive. We limit each session to a maximum of two hours per session. Our travel time is not part of the hour sessions. For a maximum learning experience, we ask that you have a designated area set up in your home, where two people can sit comfortably with little or no distractions. Click here for additional information on hourly rates.

The Basics

Our computer instruction is designed to teach you in simple terms. You will learn about the computer components and how they interact. We will explain computer terms, keyboard keys and mouse clicks. And how to use the desktop efficiently, manage folders and files plus create and use desktop shortcuts. This, along with your general computer questions, makes up what we call "the basics".


If you are comfortable with the basic mechanics of your PC and understand its components, we can delve into Microsoft Windows general operating system and network of folders and control panel information and settings. Some of this information will help you make your personal computer more personal and the rest is just good to know.

The Next Level

Though we do have knowledge much beyond the casual user, our teaching plan is not designed to take things to the next level. We believe the greatest need for learning is how to get the most from your personal computer and that starts with the basics. You do not need to be an expert to use your PC for its intended purpose. Our goal is to get more users up to speed so they are turning it on and not just dusting it off. To us the next level is learning how to do very basic tasks with a computer that can assist you wth day to day tasks.