Computer and Software Program Instruction

Computer Help for the Novice

CoupleWe live in a world full of technology. Baby-boomers know a different world... before microwaves, cell phones and of course computers. You may have a computer at work, using the company network and software system to complete your tasks. But, at home the PC is quite different. Sure it has a keyboard, mouse and monitor but the functions may not be the same.

Still Afraid of the Computer?

"Every time I sit down to start I get confused and just quit!" or maybe "The most I've done on that thing is play solitaire!" If you are tired of just dusting it off but not turning it on, we can help you get the confidence you need to keep up with technology and enjoy it.

A Personal Computer is a great tool for managing personal records, retrieving information, communicating with family and friends and just having some fun. That and more awaits you just behind that screen. PC means Personal Computer and that's where we come in. So come on, don't be left out! We can give you the confidence and knowledge you need to get started.

Feel Overwhelmed or Uninformed?

Too many "things" to click? Can't understand how it all works? What is a "desktop" or a "mouse"? What do those lights mean? Let us start from the beginning, or somewhere in between, and explain just what makes this machine a great tool. We will break it down for you and keep it simple.

What are these Software Programs?

Want to write a letter or send an email? Learn how to "send" pictures of your vacation or summer garden to your daughter across town or in another state? "Can I really keep track of my checkbook on my computer?" Yes, you can and we can show you how. Follow this link to see how Concepts11 can help.