Photo Restoration

Okay. So you have a shoe box in your closet filled with old photographs; your precious memories from years gone by. You probably haven't opened the box in a long time but today you decide you want to share those memories with a family member or friend.

Surprise! You open the box and find that most if not all of the photos have faded over time or worse they have begun to stick together. They just do not look like you remember them. What is happening is what happens to most photographs if not properly protected. Over time they will fade away or be destroyed by the environment. You may start to feel that all is lost. But you have options.

Below we list the Old Way and the New Way to organize and preserve photos.

The Old Way

We are all familiar with using photo albums, scrapbooks and other bulky items to collect and display our memories. This can be a nice way to share those memories one-on-one, but they can also be a little cumbersome when you want to share those same memories with a group of people. Plus you need to have the space to store those items. In addition, they are not the most reliable way to "preserve" photos. You still have issues with exposure to the environment and the images may still be faded or full of scratches.

The New Way

At Concepts11 we can first restore faded photos and in many cases repair damaged photos as well. Using technology we scan the original photo to digital format. Then using software we restore the photo by enhancing color, removing scratches and blemishes and if torn, rebuild the missing pieces of the photo. It is true that not all photos can be restored; sometimes the damage is just too great. However, by at least scanning and converting photos to digital format you can go a long way towards preserving your memories and avoid losing the image all together. This is the new way to preserve photos; convert the photos to digital format and save them to a CD or DVD.

To view an example of photo restoration please move your mouse over the image (above right) of the race car and you will see a photo that had faded and was restored for printing and viewing online.

Creating a Slideshow

After your images are scanned and restored (if restoration was necessary) we can organize your photos into a slideshow or slideshows. A great solution to preserving your memories is to have them transferred to a multimedia disk (DVD or CD) in a format that can display your photos in the most impressive way. By permanently committing your photos and memories to disk you utilize a convenient and efficient way to preserve those memories. Much more information can be stored on a disk and Concepts11 can seemingly bring those memories to life with use of technology. This will further allow you to to share those memories with others by displaying them on a television or the newest digital display photo frames.

For a complete list of our services, instructions and rates for photo restoration please visit our photo pricing page.

Do not let those old precious memories fade away.
Let Concepts11 help you preserve those memories for current and future generations to enjoy.